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About us

About Us

The story behind the Ostrichoo e-bikes is not one of wonderful anecdotes and not a special philosophy that is passed on from generation to generation. No, the story behind Ostrichoo is much simpler than that. The story does not start very long ago, with a Dutch boy who saw that things could be better in the world of e-bikes. Much better.

Cool, stylish, urban e-bike

Everyone has seen one before: e-bikes. Maybe you have tried one yourself. But be honest: why didn't you buy it? The high price of an e-bike is a very important reason why very few young people buy an e-bike. But not only that. Looking at all the e-bikes, the founder of Ostrichoo (Michael Hu) thought there was an urgent need to change the appearance of the e-bikes. The e-bike could easily be made cooler and more stylish. And so, the dream was born of making an e-bike that is accessible to everyone, especially the younger generation.

A Dream that became reality

Dreams keep dreaming as long as you do nothing with it and so Michael rolled up his sleeves. The Ostrichoo company was established to produce sustainable e-bikes that, compared to other e-bikes:

Last longer, look much better and be cheaper. 

strong e-bike battery with


In order to achieve the above mentioned three points, problems had to be tackled first. Most problems with e-bikes have to do with the battery. The e-bike batteries, that are on most electric bicycles, last only 1 or 2 years before something breaks. Repairing it is risky and you quickly pay 500 euros for a new one. We found a way to greatly improve the quality of the e-bike battery. The batteries of an Ostrichoo e-bike will not last 2 but at least 4 years! Charging an e-bike should also be faster, we thought ... And so, we made sure that you could charge our e-bike within 30 minutes. That way different than the 5 to 7 hours that are necessary for charging most of the e-bikes!

Less is more